The curious case of General Rani and ISI Chief

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New Delhi, June 3 : While the curious case of General Rani linked to the present ISI Chief Faiz Hameed has erupted, Pakistan’s original General Rani was Aqleem Akhtar.

According to a report in Friday Times, in the late 1960s she began being called General Rani (the Queen General). Between 1969 and 1971 she was considered to be perhaps the most powerful woman in Pakistan.

A muse and mistress of Pakistani dictator, General Yahya Khan, and many-a-times the main brain behind the swinging General’s regime, General Rani was the person a number of bureaucrats and politicians approached when they wanted Yahya’s attention, the report said.

As per the report, when a leftist movement between 1968 and 1969 forced General Ayub Khan to resign as head of state, he installed Yahya Khan as the country’s new Martial Law Administrator. It was at this point that Aqleem began being called (in the press), ‘General Rani.’ It is believed that apart from looking after Yahya’s ferocious appetite for booze and women, she also began �advising’ him on policy and political matters.

Those who met her in those days described her to be far more informed and astute in the field of politics than Yahya, the report said.

There are reports that a daughter of General Rani is a famous journalist of Pakistan. This journalist was present at the house of the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI Chief, seeing that the ISI Chief’s wife opened fire.

GEO TV anchor Hamid Mir has threatened to make more disclosures if the Pakistan enforcement attacks more journalists.

This journalist-daughter of General-Rani is also a close friend of a political leader of north India,

Mir alluded to a shooting at the house of the Chief of ISI (Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid) of Pakistani intelligence agency. It is said that his wife fired at a call-girl at home for calling her home.

Buzz in Pakistan about the ISI Chief Faiz Hameed caught by his wife with another girl and the banning of senior Pakistan TV personality Hamid Mir after he made the allegation is turning into a potboiler.

Khizar Abbas said on Twitter, “ISI Chief Faiz Hameed was caught by wife with another girl. When Najam Sethi said that Pakistani diplomats and generals go to USA to sleep with girls, it now feels completely true”.

There is a video of Geo TV anchor Hamid Gir mentioning the incident without taking names but mentioned a “General Rani”. He also indicated that perhaps the wife fired a shot.

“Who is Aroosa Alam, Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh’s ‘friend’ from Pakistan? This lady was once again in news as she was caught with ISI chief Faiz Hamid in compromising position , by Faiz’s wife,” said Ash Dubey in a tweet.

“This issue is BURINING issue in Pakistan since yday when GeoTV Cheif anchor – @HamidMirPAK is sacked after his house was attacked by Pak Army/ISI and Hamir Mir exposed this fact Now imagine Punjab CM has Same “Friend” in Asoora Alam – a lady who sleeps with ISI chief!”, Dubey said.

“This is where he referred to THis female … There is reference to “General Rani” … Search about it… you will be amazed!!!!!”, Dubey said while attaching Mir’s video.


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