The Holiday Gift Guide for Music Geeks—From a Music Geek

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By Magnus Berger

Whether you’re shopping for a hardcore audiophile or just seeking some serenity through a new pair of sleek headphones, this holiday gift guide is for you. WSJ.’s resident audio expert, creative director Magnus Berger, lays out his suggestions for the music fans in your life, from those who have always loved rocking out to those who used their time in isolation this year to finally pick up that guitar that’s been gathering dust in the corner. Check out the full list below and check back with WSJ. throughout the holiday season for all of our highly curated, super-specific gift guides.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6

This Bang & Olufsen speaker served as a stylish addition to outdoor workspaces and beach barbecues earlier in the pandemic, and now it can provide the soundtrack for winter fire-pit gatherings. Bigger, more powerful portable speakers are available but this one has great sound and its battery lasts up to 16 hours. $400 at

Panda Drum

The musical instrument company Panda Drum offers handmade steel tongue drums in a variety of bright colors and a classic black. Their soothing sounds may put your family to sleep rather than waking up the neighbors. From $250 at

Eddie Van Halen EVH Striped Series Frankie guitar

Late rocker Eddie Van Halen built his own guitar using second-rate body and neck parts, a chisel, some masking tape and bicycle paint. His “Frankenstrat” looked and sounded like a homemade Formula 1 car on a roller-coaster ride. This guitar from Van Halen’s own brand offers a chance to experience one of the most iconic pieces of rock’n’roll history. A few YouTube tutorials later and the “Frankie” will surely bring out your inner guitar god. $1,700 at

Focal Stellia headphones

It’s time for a big headphone upgrade. This pair of expertly designed headphones uses memory foam for its ear pads, which are wrapped in full-grain leather. Ditching traditional hi fi design cues, the pair looks more like they belong in your favorite hotel bar than in your gadget drawer. $2,990 at

Blipblox Toy Synthesizer

Touted as an intuitive, fully functional synthesizer for children as young as 3 years old, the Blipblox promises professional sound and beat making that also appeals to older kids with more advanced skills. $189 at

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

Much has been made of the lighting and backgrounds for our Zoom setups, but what about the sound? Audio company Shure has created a high-quality USB-ready solution that fine-tunes vocal tone with the tap of an app. $249 at

Teenage Engineering OB-4 magic radio

The OB-4 magic radio is a sleek boom box with some playful features, like the ability to rewind up to two hours of radio play. It also offers what Teenage Engineering calls disk mode, which can toggle between the vibe-generating karma setting, an ambient sounds channel and a classic metronome beat. From $599 at

The gift of music

Donate to organizations such as the Save the Music Foundation and the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation that help develop and support public-school music


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