The Plot Thickens: Now Kejriwal’s PS lodges counter-complaint against Swati Maliwal

New Delhi, May 17 : Bibhav Kumar, the personal secretary (PS) to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, lodged a complaint at the Civil Lines police station on Friday evening in connection with the allegations of physical assault levelled against him by AAP Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal, the former chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

Kumar’s complaints read, “This is to bring to your kind notice that on the morning of May 13, Swati Maliwal forcefully and unauthorisedly entered the Chief Minister’s residence. Not only did she breach the security, create a ruckus, and assault the complainant, she is now trying to falsely implicate the undersigned so as to create undue pressure on him.”

He also claimed that on May 13 at around 8:40 a.m., Maliwal came to the Chief Minister’s official residence in Civil Lines, and sought permission to enter the house.

“The security officer present at the main entrance inquired about her identity, to which Swati Maliwal identified herself as a Rajya Sabha MP. She then told the security officers to clear her path and allow her to enter as she had an appointment with the Chief Minister,” Kumar said in his complaint.

“The said security officer requested her to wait till he got the details of her appointment verified. Upon verification, the security officer informed her that there was no such appointment on record and therefore he could not allow her to enter (the house).

“Maliwal then forcefully entered the CM’s residence despite the objections of the office staff. So not only did she make false claims of having an appointment to gain entry into the CM’s residence, she also forcefully and illegally trespassed into the premises despite repeated objections of the security and CM office staff,” he said.

“Since Ms. Maliwal had by now gained unauthorised entry into the premises of the CM’s residence, the office staff asked her to wait in the waiting area. The said waiting room is located on the campus of CM’s residence, but not in the main building where the CM resides,” Kumar claimed in his complaint.

“Upon being asked to wait outside the main building, she started shouting at and abusing the CM office staff. She told them to leave the waiting area and check with the Chief Minister about her appointment. At around 9 a.m., despite strong objections of the office staff, she stormed out of the waiting area and entered the main building where the CM resides,” he added.

As per the complaint, Bibhav was informed that she had no appointment and had made an unauthorised entry into the premises of the CM’s residence despite the objections of the staff.

“At around 9:22 a.m., the complainant entered the main building and found Ms. Maliwal sitting in the drawing room. The complainant approached Ms. Maliwal and politely requested her to follow the proper procedure for meeting the Chief Minister.

“As soon the complainant stated the above, Ms. Maliwal started screaming and shouting at the complainant and hurled abuses at him, saying, ‘Tumhari himmat kaise hui ek MP ko rokne ki… Tumhari aukad kya hai’,” Kumar claimed in his complaint.

The development came after Maliwal on Friday morning formally lodged a complaint with Delhi Police, revealing the extent of “harassment” and “torture” she faced at the hands of Kumar at the Chief Minister’s residence on the morning of May 13.

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