Top Pakistan boxer upset with cricket

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Islamabad, Dec 21 : Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem, called ‘Falcon’ for his swift boxing style, has topped the World Boxing Association’s (WBA) flyweight division list for the first time in four years. But he is upset that cricket alone gets all the glory in the country.

Waseem’s ranking improved after he beat Colombia’s Robert Barrera in Dubai last month and won the WBA flyweight title eliminator fight, the Dawn reported. He also won the World Boxing Council (WBC) silver flyweight title for a second time.

“Before the showdown, I was ranked fourth in the flyweight division category and I have now moved to the top spot,” said the elated athlete.”No other Pakistani has ever achieved this before,” he said.

But Waseem has a grievance.

He complained that cricket was the only sport in Pakistan that received support from politicians while other sports were ignored.

“I feel sad that nobody is ready to support us,” he said. “Cricket is hardly played in 10 to 12 countries and yet when a cricketer is ranked at the top, everyone goes crazy.” On the other hand, boxing is a sport played in more than 200 countries, he said.

“It is very, very tough to get to the top in any weight category, and yet, when someone from (Pakistan) reaches the top spot, nobody notices,” he added.


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