Tripura News Update : second wave of Covid-19 in sight, Tripura govt strict safety protocols

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Agartala, Mar 31 : With the surge in Covid-19 infection across the country, Tripura government has re-enforced the guidelines for mandatory wearing of face masks and maintaining physical distance in public places besides, reasserting the importance of frequent handwash.

Tripura Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar in an order told the people not to come out of their homes without a proper face mask and maintain physical distance in public places or enforcement officials would impose penalty. Repeated violation will attract legal action under the provisions of Epidemic Disease Covid-19 regulation, 2020 to prevent the spread of infection, the order added.

“Wearing of masks including homemade washable cloth mask/face cover by any cloth in public/workplace or while travelling / driving is compulsory,” the order stated, and issued restrictions on public gatherings in order to avert further spike in the Covid 19 infection.

The order restricted shops to operate only after ensuring appropriate physical distancing measures and avoiding overcrowding through volunteers to regulate shoppers.

The shops having frontage less than one meter shall allow only one person at a time, having frontage one or more but less than two meters, two persons shall be allowed at a time and so on.

The shopkeepers and shoppers shall compulsorily wear masks and cover face and daily sanitization of the area is compulsory for the commercial establishments and retail business units across the state, as it is believed that shops and markets are the potential source of infection of coronavirus.

To ensure the compliance of the directions, the order has also revived the provisions for penalties for violation of the safety protocols. A fine of Rs 200 in the first violation and a fine of Rs 400 for subsequent violation in regard to not wearing a mask or face cover has been imposed.

Violation of physical distancing norms in public and private transport, failure to maintain social distancing among the customers in front of the shops by shopkeepers and violation of home quarantine norms, a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed.

“Moreover, any person, institution, organization violating the regulations shall be deemed to have committed an offence punishable under Section 188 of IPC,” the order concluded.


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