Trump might face recall of license for software used in his social network: Developer

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Washington, Oct 30 : The social media of former US President Donald Trump, Truth Social, was found using the source code developed by the social media platform Mastodon, and the license for the software might be revoked, the developer’s founder, Eugen Rochko, said.

“It seems that the new social media platform owned by the former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, so-called Truth Social, is using Mastodon’s source code with various visual adjustments,” Rochko stated.

The code developed by Mastodon is available for free use, if there is an open access to the products based on the code. Mastodon set out the requirement to ensure the free access to the code in a message to Truth Social, according to Rochko.

“According to AGPLv3, after being notified by the copyright holder, Truth Social has 30 days to comply or the license may be permanently revoked,” Mastodon founder said.

Rochko, however, did not specify what the consequences of recall of the license can be and how Mastodon ascertained that Truth Social used the code.


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