Tunisia continues to extend exceptional measures of suspending parliamentary activities

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Tunis, Sep 23 : Tunisian President Kais Saied has issued a decree to continue extending the exceptional measures of suspending activities of Parliament and freezing the immunity of all its members, according to an official statement.

On August 24, Saied had first decided to extend the exceptional measures, reports Xinhua news agency.

He ordered to put an end to all the grants and privileges granted to Parliament Speaker and to all its members, according to the statement.

The decree also demanded to continue to work with the country’s constitution and all the constitutional provisions which do not contradict these exceptional measures.

The President will undertake the preparation of draft amendments related to political reforms with the assistance of a committee to be organised.

On July 25, Saied announced that he had removed Hichem Mechichi from the post of Prime Minister and suspended all activities of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, or Parliament.

So far, Saied has been heading the government until he appoints a new Prime Minister.


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