Two Iraqi Airways planes depart to bring migrants stranded on Belarus border home

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Minsk, Nov 26 : Two flights operated by the Iraqi Airways departed on Thursday to their destinations between Iraq and Belarus to ensure the return of Iraqi migrants to their homeland.

“The second flight of the Iraqi air carrier took off from Baghdad to Minsk at 21:18 [18:18 GMT]. Arrival at the Minsk airport is expected at about 1:30,” the Minsk Airport wrote on its Telegram channel.

Earlier in the day, an Airbus A320 operated by the same airline took off from Minsk to the Iraqi city of Erbil.

According to the Iraqi consul in Russia and Belarus, Majid Kinani, the two flights in question will take 650 Iraqi citizens to their homeland. Over the two days, Iraqi Airways is ready to carry 1,300 people from Belarus to Iraq, he added.

Thousands of migrants have amassed along the border between Belarus and Poland in an attempt to force their way into the EU. Poland blamed the migration crisis on Minsk, which consistently denies the allegation, maintaining that it is unable to curb the crisis due to Western sanctions.


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