UAE announces flexible labour laws, to benefit thousands of Indian workers

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Dubai, Nov 15 : In a development that would benefit thousands of expatriate Indian workers, the UAE on Monday announced a new law for the regulation of labour relations, that seeks to offer more protection to employees from harassment and the unlawful seizure of documents.

Dr Abdul Rahman Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, announced during a media briefing in Dubai on Monday the Federal Decree Law No 33 of 2021 regarding the regulation of labour relations. The new law will become effective from February 2, 2022.

With this new legal provision, labour relationships in the country are expected to become more flexible, according to Gulf News.

The new law seeks to offer more protection to employees against bullying, harassment and the unlawful seizure of their documents.

Al Awar said this law supports the efforts to enhance the participation and competitiveness of Emirati cadres and empower women in the labour market and safeguard their rights.

The law stipulates prohibition of unlawful seizure of official documents of workers. It also protects workers from being forced by employers to leave the country at the end of an employment tenure, except as required by the law, which allows the worker to move from one business establishment to another.

The decree has specified that the probation period for an employee must not exceed six months in accordance with the conditions and procedures as determined by the executive regulations.

The decree-law also exempts labour cases from judicial fees at all stages of litigation.

Al Awar stressed that the law aims to enhance the flexibility and sustainability of the labour market in the country, as well as guarantee protection of workers.

He said the new law has created an advanced mechanism that will enhance ease of business, promote competitiveness and productivity of the labour market — particularly by investing local and global energies and resources.

The new decree-law also guarantees the rights of both parties to a contract in a balanced manner and provides protection to both parties so that they can access and claim these rights.

The UAE is the most popular destination for Indians seeking to work abroad.


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