UN agency allocates $10mn to buy fuel for Lebanon hospitals, water station

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Beirut, Sep 2 : The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that it has allocated $10 million to help Lebanon buy fuel to power hospitals and water stations, a statement by the agency reported.

“The humanitarian community is resolved to assist all vulnerable populations, whether Lebanese, refugees or migrants,” the OCHA chief Martin Griffiths tweeted on Wednesday during a visit to Beirut.

The OCHA said that $6 million will be provided to 65 hospitals, healthcare centres and medical cold storage facilities and $4 million to water stations and four water facilities that serve more than two thirds of Lebanon’s population, reports Xinhua news agency.

Lebanon has been facing an unprecedented financial crisis amid shortage in foreign currency reserves which led to a hike in the cost of fuel imports.

As a result, fuel supply was reduced and power cuts reached around 20 hours a day.


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