UP: Asad Ahmed’s body reaches Prayagraj

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Prayagraj, Apr 15 : The body of Asad Ahmed, son of gangster Atiq Ahmed, was brought to Prayagraj from Jhansi on Saturday morning amid tight security arrangements.
Asad was killed in an encounter with the Special Task Force (STF) of the police in Jhansi’s Baragaon area last Tuesday.

Apart from Asad, another accused in the murder, Ghulam, was also killed in the encounter. Asad’s uncle reached Prayagraj this morning with the body from Jhansi.
His last rites will be performed in the presence of police at Kasari Masari Cemetery shortly from now.

Atiq’s maternal grandfather said it was “very unfortunate” that even his mother would not be able to attend Asad’s funeral. The body will be bathed before it is handed over.

Police are keeping a close vigil in Chakia, Kareli area, considered to be the stronghold of Atiq, while a large number of RAF and PAC personnel have also been deployed in the cemetery. Apart from this, security agencies are keeping a close watch on the drone.

Due to tight police arrangements, people close to Atiq and Asad are also avoiding attending the funeral.

According to sources, Assad’s mother Shaista Parveen may secretly attend the funeral. Keeping this in mind, intelligence agencies are alert. Shaista is also wanted by the police in the Umesh Pal murder case.
Frustrated by Asad’s death, Atiq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf had said after a lot of applause by reporters that “Allah gave and he took it back”.

Meanwhile, late Friday evening, Atiq was taken to the hospital for a routine check-up.


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