Up Politics : Mayawati attacks Cong saying party has gone unprecedented ‘weak’

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Lucknow, Aug 27 : Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati attacked Congress on Friday saying that the party brings daily wage workers in their political rallies.

She said now the condition of Congress in the country is very bad. “Congress brings people on daily wages in rallies. The day the Congress rally takes place, the daily wage workers are very happy and they say that today they will not have to work. This is the culture of mobilizing of the Congress. The condition of Congress is very bad in the country as well as in the states,” she said.

Ex UP Chief Minister Mayawati addressed the media here on Friday in which she targetted other parties but her main target was the Congress.

Mayawati said in UP, the Congress does not get candidates in the assembly elections along with the election of district panchayat and block chief.

“Now the Congress has no support base”, she said.

She said BSP is the only party in the country which does not take financial help from big capitalists and moneylenders to run its organisation and contest elections like Congress and other parties.

Mayawati said not only this, Congress sends them to Rajya Sabha etc. in lieu of taking money.

BSP chief said the condition of the Congress party has become pathetic.

“Like the Congress, BSP does not give tickets to the people of the party by giving money to them , but gives most of the tickets to those who invest money in the elections themselves. Those who contribute in every way to increase the party’s mass base,” she said.

The BSP supremo reaction was on a booklet which has been released by the Congress party.

“It would have been better if Congress while commenting on the opposition parties could have described their own shortcomings,” she said.

Expressing displeasure over the Congress booklet, she said Congress should first fix its own house and then comment on others.

“Congress has done a lot of propaganda of BSP in the booklet. Congress should issue booklets as many as they want but the people would not accept the lies. In Punjab, the BSP along with the Akali Dal is engaged in a big campaign to oust the Congress,” she added.

Earlier UP Congress had released a booklet distributed among its workers. The booklet describes the wrong doings of the opposition parties including taking money by the BSP for giving candidature in elections.


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