US ‘beats’ Covid with Biden in White House, Bihar awaits to oust ‘all Black’

New Delhi, Nov 9 : It doesn’t matter much whether Donald will be no more a ‘Dawn’, or Joe set to say “go” to rivals, or for that matter exit polls predictions turn true in Bihar, what matters most is triumph of Life over the deadly pandemic-both in the US and Bihar.

According to experts on Monday, the eve of the Bihar counting , though both the elections braved the Covid, ‘healthy’ post poll scenario is also a desired ‘eliment’ to honour the poll processes and the respective democratic traditions.

They underlined that when the US, one of the most developed democracies in the world, is still on course for an extended period of political and social tensions after defeated President Ronald Trump disdained appeals for calm and unity by the President-elect while scheming to thwart the will of the Americans, there is no such ‘premonition’ so far from the Nitish Kumar led state where the verdict will be given on Tuesday.

Pointing to the Opposition RJD’s appeals to supporters-“behave well”- tomorrow, irrespective of results, the experts said, “Seems, if the appeal is reciprocated, we are in a better place than the US.”

Incidentally, On Sunday, a day after a majority of exit polls have the Mahagathbandhan an edge over the governing NDA in Bihar polls, the RJD warned it’s workers against any kind of “indecent behaviour” towards opponents or their supporters on November 10.

However, the JD(U)-BJP combine or the LJP, is not giving much “importance” to the RJD appeal while rejecting the exit polls forecasts.

The counting in Bihar will start in the early hours of Tuesday.


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