US FDA allows mail-order abortion pills

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Washington, Dec 17 : US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday approved the mail-order abortion pills, thereby making a temporary rule permanent which was approved this year during the pandemic, BBC reported on Friday.

The decision from the drug regulator will open abortion access to women especially those in remote places who are unable to visit clinics to get them in person.

However, the move will be overridden by 19 states that have already made rules banning mail-order abortion pills.

This decision comes as judges consider overturning the ruling that legalised abortion in the US.

The medication, mifepristone, is approved for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and is one of two pills used to end pregnancy and treat miscarriage.

Restrictions on the drug, which was first approved in 2000, were lifted earlier this year due to pandemic lockdown measures.


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