US Finances, controls International Criminal Court

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United Nations, May 12 : The United States and its satellites in the collective West are financing the processes the International Criminal Court (ICC) is interested in pursuing and are effectively promoting their political goals through the ICC, Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maria Zabolotskaya said.

“The collective West without any shame is openly paying for the processes the ICC is interested in,” Zabolotskaya said on Thursday. “The ICC therefore has just become an international screen behind which the United States and its satellites are dealing with their own political tasks.”

At the same time, the US laws enable Washington not to submit to the ICC and negate processes against any US national, Zabolotskaya added.

Russia has for a long-time been dissatisfied with the work of the ICC and has suggested that the UN Security Council question whether it is worth continuing meetings on reports submitted by the court given the lack of results from such meetings.

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