US gives Ukraine ‘kind of license’ for war against Russia

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Washington, May 31 : The United States is giving Ukraine “a kind of license” to continue clashes with Russia by publicly ignoring the recent drone attacks on Moscow, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said.

“The only thing that pseudo-politicians in Ukraine take into account is the position of the West, led by the United States. Silence and ignoring the atrocities by the thugs with yellow-blue chevrons is a kind of license for the Nazis to continue their futile confrontation with the Russian Armed Forces,” Antonov told reporters.

He said Washington’s statements about the recent drone attack on Moscow actually encourage terrorists.

“We have taken note of Washington’s statements regarding the terrorist attack in Moscow involving drones. In fact, they sound like an encouragement for Ukrainian terrorists. Just consider the U.S. officials’ attempts to hide behind the phrase that they are gathering information about what happened!” Antonov said.

“And then they immediately switch to a media attack against our country. So really, doesn’t the administration understand that no one believes their slogans about non-support of Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory?! Especially, when these words are pronounced somehow bashfully and hesitantly,” he said.

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