US Special Envoy Khalilzad, his team still in Doha engaging with Taliban – State Dept

Insight Online News

Washington, Aug 17 : The team from the State Department and US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad remain in Doha and continue engagement with both the Afghan government and the Taliban, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said at a press briefing.

“Ambassador Khalilzad and his team remained in Doha, they still remain in Doha following consultations that we talked about last week with a number of countries from the region, the UN and countries much further afield. They continued and they still continue to engage with the Taliban, they continue to engage with Islamic Republic, the government of Afghanistan representatives,” Price said on Monday. “We do continue to engage with Taliban representatives in Doha from the State Department team. The US military has spoken to engagement with the Taliban on the ground in Kabul.”


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