US, Taliban likely to boost intelligence cooperation against IS-K

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Washington, Aug 28 : The US government is likely to expand its intelligence ties with the Taliban (terrorist group outlawed in Russia) after completing its withdrawal from Afghanistan next week, former UK ambassador Peter Ford said on Saturday.

On Friday, the White House admitted there was clearly a breakdown in the security process that failed to prevent this week’s suicide bombing at the Kabul airport, which reportedly left 170 dead, including thirteen US troops. The attack, claimed by the Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) terrorist group, comes amid a chaotic US evacuation from Afghanistan that President Joe Biden claims the US will complete by the end of the month.

The United States, Ford added, was caught off guard because of the rushed nature of the evacuation.

Once it became clear that the Afghan army would not fight it was clear the final rush for the exits would be a shambles, opening up opportunities for IS-K to strike, he added.

The Taliban after the attacks said the group warned that the large gatherings at the Kabul airport could attract the attention of terrorists.

On Friday, the White House confirmed that Biden gave the US military all the authorities needed to carry out attacks against the IS-K without congressional approval.


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