US vice president : Former US vice president Mondale dies at 93

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Washington, Apr 20 : Former US vice president Walter F Mondale died at his home in Minneapolis on Monday.

He was 93.

“It’s with great sadness that [First Lady] Jill [Biden] and I learned of the passing of Vice President Walter Mondale, but great gratitude that we were able to call one of our nation’s most dedicated patriots and public servants a dear friend and mentor,” US President Joe Biden said in a Monday statement.

According to The New York Times, Kathy Tunheim, a spokeswoman for the Mondale family, announced the death on Monday but did not specify a cause.

“Jill and I had the opportunity to speak to Fritz and his family over the weekend, to reflect on the years of friendship we shared, and how much we learned from and leaned on each other,” Joe Biden said.

Mondale ran as the Democratic candidate for president in 1984, losing to President Ronald Reagan. President Biden recalled that Mondale was the first presidential nominee of either party to select a woman (Geraldine Ferraro) as his running mate.

“I know how pleased he was to be able to see Kamala Harris become Vice President,” Biden said.

CBS reported on Monday that Mondale died “peacefully from natural causes.” Over the weekend, the former vice president spoke with former US President Jimmy Carter, under whom he served.

Carter said in a statement after Mondale’s death that he was the “greatest vice president” in the history of the US and a “dear friend.”


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