War of words between Congress-TMC leaders over poll promise in Goa

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Panaji, Dec 12 : A war of words was witnessed on Sunday between Congress and Trinamool Congress leaders over poll promises of the latter in poll bound Goa.

Trinamool Congress on Saturday had announced that Rs 5,000 would be provided to a woman of every household as a guaranteed income support if the party comes to power post assembly elections to be held early next year.

Commenting sarcastically on the proposed scheme, Congress leader and former Union Minister P Chidambaram said ‘God bless Goa’.

In a tweet, the senior All India Congress Committee election observer for Goa, said, “Here is a math that deserves the Nobel Prize for Economics. A monthly grant of Rs 5,000 to a woman in 3.5 lakh households in Goa will cost Rs 175 crore a month. That is Rs 2100 crore a year.”

“It is a “small” sum for the State of Goa that had an outstanding debt of Rs 23,473 crore at the end of March 2020. God bless Goa! Or should it be God save Goa?,” he said.

Hitting back at the Congress leader, TMC Goa in charge Mahua Moitra said the scheme was doable.

“Yes sir @PChidambaram_IN ₹5000 to 3.5 lakh Goan households = ₹2100 crores is 6-8 per cent of total budget which is perfectly doable. Good economics in depressed post COVID scenario requires putting cash in hand & liquidity into the system,” she said in a tweet.

TMC leader Yatish Naik said the scheme has been devised after a careful understanding of budgetary nuances.

“The scheme #GrihaLaxmiCard envisaged and proposed by the Goa TMC is devised after a careful understanding of budgetary nuances and states economy. We need good schemes to reach the people as a matter of right not favour,” he tweeted.


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