Wasim Rizvi becomes Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi in UP

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Lucknow ,Dec 6 : Religious conversion comes so easily in our country that just by bad mouthing a particular religion, one may convert to any other.

This has happened with former Uttar Pradesh Central Shia waqf Board president Wasim Rizvi who criticised Islam and adopted Hinduism at a Devi temple at Dasna in Ghaziabad district on Monday.

Rizvi embraced Hinduism leaving Islam and even changed his name to Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi shunning Wasim Rizvi.

A saint Yeti Narasimhanand was instrumental in getting Rizvi into Sanatan Dharma. The new convertee would be included in the Tyagi sect of Hindu.

A few days back Rizvi had made a will that after his death his body should not be buried but be cremated according to Hindu customs.

Recently several FIRs were registered against Rizvi in the country for his outburst against Islam. He even produced a film on Ayodhya issue.

Rizvi came in limelight during his stint as the president of the UP Shia Waqf Board when he demanded to hand over the nine disputed mosques of the country to the Hindus.

He also faced the ire of the Maulanas after he said Islamic madrasas should be closed as they encourage terrorism and terrorist training is given in many madrasas while modern education is not given.

Rizvi alleged that muslims were damaging the country by producing children like animals.

On the religious front, he reportedly said green flag with moon star is not a religious flag of Islam,but it is similar to Muslim League of Pakistan.

Rizvi had given a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court for the removal of 26 verses of the Quran.


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