WBSSC scam: Two diaries give crucial hints about inward and outward transactions

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Kolkata, Aug 2 : Some preliminary deciphering of the coded contents in the two diaries seized from the Diamond City residence at Tollygunge in South Kolkata on July 22 have given the Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials some crucial hints about the inward and outward transactions in the multi-crore West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) recruitment irregularities.

ED sources said that some preliminary decoding of the contents in the two diaries had been possible with the help of related experts and what has been initially deciphered is that the contents in the diaries are related to the inward and outward transactions of the proceeds of the scam.

“Initially, we thought that the contents were related to only the money collected. But now it seems that these have some details of the payments made to give the scam a smooth running. Once the contents are fully deciphered, we hope to have a clear idea of the entire money trail, an ED associate said.

According to ED officials, of the two diaries recovered- one black executive diary and one pocket diary- the black one seems to have more detailed information on this count. On that dairy, it is also written ‘Department of Education: Government of West Bengal’.

Meanwhile, different teams of ED officials on Tuesday raided six nail-art shops, owned by Arpita Mukherjee, at different locations in north and south Kolkata. ED officers said that although they have seized certain papers from these shops, no valuable item was recovered. ED officials have seized all these nail-art shops.

Meanwhile, ED officers have learnt that just a few days before the arrest, Arpita Mukherjee had booked two other high-end SUVs, which were supposed to be delivered soon. ED officials are wondering over the necessity of booking two more vehicles, when already she was owning five high-end SUVs. However, out of the five vehicles, four are missing and only one has been seized by ED. The investigating officials suspect that these vehicles might have been used for the purpose of transporting cash and other valuable items.

In a related development, the Leader of the Opposition in West Bengal assembly, Suvendu Adhikari on Tuesday met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi. After meeting Shah, he claimed that he had submitted names of 100 Trinamool Congress leaders who had been directly beneficiaries of the scam to the Union Home Minister. “I have also submitted a number of supporting documents,” he said.


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