Weekly Horoscope : Astro Zindagi (November 15 – November 21)

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Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for November 15-21


During this week, you may face some health issues relating to skin and nutrition. You are advised to eat a balanced diet and practice meditation. On the career front, it is advisable that you stay away from participating in gossip and focus on your work in hand. Speak thoughtfully else even a small matter can blow out of proportion and land you in trouble. On the financial front, your income is expected to dwindle due to some unexpected expenses. However, your spouse will remain supportive and will help you to overcome the challenges. Those of you working with the government are advised to stay on their toes and guard their reputation.

Tip of the week: Speak thoughtfully


Stars this week do not support a cordial relationship in married life, hence be extra watchful in your relationship with your partner. Chances of marriage are high for unmarried people. Some of you can accomplish their dream of buying a new vehicle. Professionally, business will reap profit during this period and you could go out on a business travel. Your hard work done in the past will gradually start getting appreciated and recognized. Your children can prove to be demanding and your spouse’s health may also need attention. Any unwanted incident with a close relative can cause disturbance in the family environment.

Tip of the week: Be watchful in relationships


Your stars will give you tremendous success from higher authorities this week. You will start paying heed to your expenses, which will bring harmony in your life. You will be able to repay pending bills and debts. Professionally, you will yield good profits and job will progress well. Your hard work will provide results in your favour and you will get the fruits of your efforts. Stay calm and down to earth. Those who had either planned to buy a new home or vehicle will be able to fulfil their desire. There will be a rise in your status and you will enjoy domestic life as well. Family members may decide to make some changes to the house.

Tip of the week: Stay down to earth


During this week, you may face some issues in your love life due to some misunderstanding. It is advised that you and your partner should spend some quality time with each other. Tasks related to home or construction will be successful. Professionally, those in business will take crucial decisions. Some of you will be inclined towards religious activities and those in politics will be successful. However domestic life may not be peaceful and tiffs with near and dear ones cannot be ruled out. It is advised to remain calm and do not be egoistic. If you were suffering from a major illness, then you can expect steady recovery.

Tip of the week: Do not be egoistic


This week, the stars will bring new changes for you. If you want to change your job or take any important decision related to your profession, then this week can prove to be auspicious. But do not be in a hurry and think carefully about every decision. It is advised to keep your aggression and ego at bay. There are indications that you can earn good money through property. Business people will reap profit and witness a windfall. You can spend money on your home and family. Your mother’s health may deteriorate and she may need medical attention. Students will get the fruits of their hard work due to which they will perform better in exam.

Tip of the week: Consider a job change


This week will prove to be lucky for you. Stars will boost your self-confidence and courage. You will get complete support from your peers and colleagues which will also help you in your career goal. Financially, you will hold a strong position and you will achieve success in your ventures. You are advised to take things seriously and invest for a bright future ahead. Students will achieve success and will have better command on their work. Some of you can receive wealth from an unexpected source. You will experience good relations with your life partner. In terms of health, you may have to face minor problems relating to chest and respiration.

Tip of the week: Invest for a bright future


During this week, you are likely to gain financially. Business people will be satisfied with their success as new projects will be lined up for execution. This is a favourable period if you want to enter into a new business. You can also rent out your property to maximise your earnings. If you want to attain achievement in your career, then do not wait for luck, rather go out and look for new opportunities. On the personal front, avoid being too critical of your loved ones else you may feel isolated. This time will be especially good for students pursuing higher education. You should not be careless towards your health and adhere to a daily routine.

Tip of the week: Don’t be too critical


This week, you will feel healthy to a great extent because you will be successful in maintaining the right balance between your personal and professional life. There may be some challenges at workplace, but try to use every opportunity to your favour. You will also take a lot of interest in other areas of your life. Some minor disagreement with spouses seems to be on the cards. You will have full support of your father or father figure in your life in all your endeavours. Apart from this, you will get support of siblings in dealing with problems faced at the family level. Children will perform better than expectation.

Tip of the week: Maintain work life balance


During this week, you could get a chance to go on a long-distance trip. But you are advised to maintain your health and stay in good shape. Expenses could overshoot this week and it will require some planning to ensure proper balance. People who are in the field of business related to overseas can expect some good news. You will spend more time on yourself and improve yourself for the better, due to which you will feel stable in your career. If there had been misunderstandings among family members in the past, then it is likely to vanish during this week and might bring some peace in the family.

Tip of the week: Spend time on yourself


During this week, you will get recognition of your hard work which will make you satisfied. You will be the centre of attraction among your friends. You will remain focused and determined and things will start falling into place for you. Gain in income is indicated. Your unexpected expenses will remain low, which will help you to store wealth. You will progress gradually and your personal life will also be rewarding during this time. Students will succeed in the field of education and they can also opt for higher studies. If you are married, this week is going to be good for your children as they will achieve something which will make you proud.

Tip of the week: Stay focus and determined


This week, your energetic, lively and warm behavior will please everyone in your surroundings, especially your family members. Due to this, you will also get love and affection from your parents. Those searching for a new job or an opportunity for a job switch or promotion will be lucky enough to get their desire accomplished. Those who are in the current job are also likely to get a chance to occupy a higher position in the workplace. During this time, your colleagues, co-workers and subordinates will fully support you. Health wise, it is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Tip of the week: Stay lively and energetic


During this week, you will have to put in a good amount of hard work to get any work done. You may feel that luck is working against you and you may also face some stressful moments at home. Health of your mother may get affected. You may also have to face some stress and travel for work. Your honour and respect in the society will undoubtedly increase due to your philanthropic nature. This week, your family responsibilities will increase, which will give you mental stress. In such a situation, instead of constantly thinking about unfavorable situations, keep trying to prepare yourself for them.

Tip of the week: Plan in advance
(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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