Weekly Horoscope : Astro Zindagi (October 10-16)

By Neeraj Dhankher

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for October 10-16.


Your financial condition may be challenged this week as a result of an unanticipated rise in your spending. You will have to put in work in your industry and could need to travel far for work-related reasons. You may worry about your spouse’s health. It’s possible that there may be some family conflicts in the middle of the week. You will need to exercise patience and make an effort to settle the tension down in this case. In order to minimise unneeded stress and misunderstandings at work and in the home, a proactive attitude is required. Overall, you’ll establish positive relationships with your coworkers. Take care of your eyes and throat.

Tip of the week: Be proactive


Your financial condition will improve this week because to the copious flow of money that you will experience. You’ll be content within and able to realise your goals. Good relationships with your bosses will develop, which will help you at work. Students will benefit from this period if they want to succeed in competitive exams. Your strategies will benefit you and aid in your professional achievement. Even though you will benefit, you should postpone making any significant decisions at this time. Additionally, your family will get recognition and enjoy significant benefits. Your siblings could occasionally disagree with one another.

Tip of the week: Avoid taking decisions


Your workload will grow this week, and you could be moved to another department. Your satisfaction with family life will be high. Gaining through property is showing promising signs. You can experience some eye or sleep-related issues in the middle of the week. Your costs will rise, and some of these expenses may go toward useless items for which you haven’t previously planned. This might ruin your monthly spending plan. It is best to remain on the lookout for your competitors at this period since they could lift their heads. You can decide firmly on a goal that will prove to be extremely crucial for your future at the conclusion of the week.

Tip of the week: Manage your workload


You could travel this week in connection with employment, which will turn out to be beneficial. You can also visit a location where you will experience inner renewal and calm. No mental tension will ever affect you. The professional lives of your siblings will evolve. You’ll work tirelessly and effectively, producing beneficial outcomes. Property-related issues will keep you busy. Entrepreneurs might attempt to increase their product line and explore new markets. In the family, there will be a sense of fulfilment. The assistance of your parents is assured.

Tip of the week: Plan a travel


You’ll be more concerned with family issues this week. Since your thoughts will be racing, it is best to postpone making any significant decisions at this time. Unwanted costs could arise that have a negative impact on your budget. Your performance may suffer from moments when you are unable to concentrate on your task. Your siblings will support you. You’ll spend quality time with your buddies throughout the final half of the week. You will profit as your relationship with your seniors improves. You can be forced to take an unwelcome vacation that can harm your health.

Tip of the week: Control unwanted expenses


Your financial situation should get better this week as a result of benefits from a number of sources. Your business partner and you will get along well, which will help your company thrive. Positive thoughts will be running through your mind, and you could try to start something new. Avoid being alone and make an effort to spend as much time as possible with your friends and loved ones. Money investments now may turn out to be detrimental. Your attention will increase in the latter part of the week, and you’ll be able to finish things that have been waiting. There will be no disruptions to family life at this time. Your spouse’s employment status may change.

Tip of the week: Avoid being alone


You are encouraged to avoid any confrontations this week since they might undermine your peace of mind and depress your mood. Your mind will be open to new experiences, and you’ll be curious by nature. Some of you will get brand-new job chances. You’ll work hard to grow your company, and you’ll be successful in doing so. During this period, your health will begin to improve, and you may also make an investment in real estate. The peaceful environment in the family at the conclusion of the week will make you happy, but you need to take care of your father since he can have health issues.

Tip of the week: Avoid confontrations


You’ll feel a strong bond with your children this week and love spending time with them. During this period, your income can also rise. You may receive a new job offer, or your existing employer might start talking about transferring you, if you decided to change jobs. This period will also be successful in terms of business. If you’re a student, you’ll put a lot of effort into your studies and get the grades you want. You’ll be able to outperform your rivals. Your productivity will improve as a result of your increased efforts. Don’t pursue any legal action at this time. It might not be easy to get along with your business partner.

Tip of the week: Avoid legal battles


You’ll be more eager to spend time with your family. Your mother will get more of your love and devotion. Benefits from property may also come at this period. Students will benefit from this period since they will do well on assessments. They will be more inclined to study and be much more adept at performing well in technical courses. Your kids will succeed in any area they choose. It will be crucial to exercise caution since there might be health issues in the middle of the week. Competition-seeking individuals will need to put in greater effort. Your company will continue to grow.

Tip of the week: Spend time with family


You could have travel plans this week, even if they are brief. You will get the opportunity to see your family or friends, which will make you happy. You will assist your siblings and be relieved of your everyday concerns. You’ll develop stronger working relationships with your coworkers. Your mother will be in wonderful health, and she could even be able to help you out financially. You’ll spend more time with your kids in the middle of the week. Students may encounter challenges in accomplishing their objectives when studying for competitive examinations. You might need to put in extra timeto deal with any unforeseen problems that may have arisen.

Tip of the week: Work on professional relations


Family matters will keep you busy this week. There may be an important task at home that has to be completed, which can strengthen your relationship with your family. It’s normal for there to be some misunderstandings with your superiors and coworkers, so use caution and intelligent word choice. You’ll have good luck with money and be effective in building up your savings. During this period, you can pay off any bills you have, which will make you feel better. The development of your kids will benefit from this period. They will succeed in their chosen area. If you’re a student, this period will help you succeed academically.

Tip of the week: Build up your savings


Your self-assurance and capacity to comprehend any circumstance will increase this week. Your relationship with your seniors will get stronger as a result, and you will gain. Additionally, this circumstance will assist you grow your firm. On the financial front, you will gain from protecting your hard-earned money by placing it in a bank or by obtaining a fixed deposit. The family will be in harmony and their affection for one another will grow. Your siblings could have some health problems. You should take advantage of the opportunity to travel for either business or pleasure. Spend more time with your kids to keep them inspired.

Tip of the week: Trust your analysis

(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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