What It’s Like Having Sex With A Virgo

Insight Online News / By Rhia Nichols

Oh, Virgo! They’ve also earned a poor name for being squeamish about sex, which isn’t entirely true.

Virgo men and women born between August 23 and September 23 normally have a healthy attitude toward sex, but considering that their zodiac sign is symbolized by the Virgon symbol, this may be where several Virgo sexuality stereotypes reside.

If you want to know how to have wonderful sex with a Virgo, recognize that they approach sensual activities in the same way they do everything else: pragmatically.

Why are Virgos so attractive in bed?
Sex is merely a vital element of life for Virgo guys and females in order to keep the body-beautiful operating properly. It, like any other sort of exercise, is therapeutic. It’s also a fantastic stress reliever.

Not very enticing? No, but that’s just how Virgo is. What you see is exactly what you get. I wouldn’t go so far as to call sex a necessary evil, but it is what it is for the practical Virgo.

Most of these Virgins may not usually get what you refer to as “randy”; they may just glance at the calendar and think, Hey, it’s been a long… It’s time to cleanse the pipes. Let’s get started.

So much for chit-chat.

Many Virgos are turned on by what is known as Plain Jims and Janes: the somewhat geeky, bespectacled man in the adjacent cubicle. Someone who is straightforward, uncomplicated, and pleasant.

A Virgo friend of mine had a huge crush on the local TV weather lady. She seemed a little milquetoast and a little homely to me, but Thomas claimed she could turn vicious simply by looking at the way she brandished a pointer. He pined for her for years and eventually married a woman who resembled her.

Many Virgos like a simple, no-frills mate. It’s simply simpler for them that way. Less upkeep, more practical.

In truth, some Virgos are like this — not much to look at on the outside, but with jaw-dropping depth and intensity under the surface. And oh-so-rewarding for those ready to peel away the artichoke’s luscious layers to reach to the delectable center.

Virgos are very attentive and considerate partners. Their relationship always comes first.

The Virgin’s ultimate generosity extends into the bedroom by doing considerate, little things for their companions. When you share the Virgin’s bed, it’s not uncommon to discover a gleaming trinket or luscious chocolate on your pillow. Simply knowing that they are valued by a partner is enough for them.

The caring nature of the Virgin also means that they like repairing things, particularly in bed.

Male and female Virgos both like taking novice partners under their wings and teaching them the ropes. But in the nicest, most empathetic manner possible.

Despite their image as clean freaks, Virgos aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the boudoir. Sticky fingers and other body parts do not deter them, as long as there is someplace to clean up afterward.

While they may be self-conscious about their own flaws and defects, they will wholeheartedly love and accept yours. In fact, they will not regard them as flaws at all.

Because most Virgos are naturally obedient, the idea of being a sex slave “forced” to perform all kinds of “revolting” things enrages them.

For the Virgin, who spends so much time in their own brain, being told what to do is a welcome distraction. They have no qualms about delegating the driving or slapping.

The same goes for being a voyeur. The act of observing also absolves the observer of culpability. They like to observe rather than participate. They’re not taking the initiative. They are being swept along with the tide rather than being forced to make choices.

So the voyeur isn’t powerless, but rather an “innocent” bystander. Many individuals, particularly Virgos, find this incredibly freeing.

So, as it turns out, these Virgins aren’t the prudish lovers they’re made out to be. They’re more likely to be modest and a little bashful between the covers.

However, if you make Virgos feel at ease and protected, you’ll be rewarded with an attentive, inquisitive companion that only needs a little prodding to come out of their shell. In other words, someone “with a wild side.”

True to their zodiac sign, Virgos may be quite choosy, particularly when it comes to picking a bedmate. Most people would prefer to go without sex or a consistent companion than settle for a meaningless one-night stand.

Consider it a huge compliment if you are chosen by a Virgo.

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