WhatsApp groups in Kerala collect money for placing advertisements

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By D Santhosh Kumar

Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 30 : WhatsApp groups are being created in large numbers in Kerala for collecting money from shops and institutions for placing their advertisements in it showing that WhatsApp has no control over such activities on using its platform by group admins for collecting money.

“Several WhatsApp groups are being created for collecting advertisements from local shops and institutions. Advertisement tariff is also fixed for placing advertisements in such groups by its admins, thus working like professional advertisement agencies,” sources told UNI.

“With this new method of advertisement collection by the admins of WhatsApp groups, the local magazines and local newspapers are facing difficulty to get advertisements from small shops and institutions,” they said.

“Though WhatsApp doesn’t earn revenue through advertisements, the users of this ‘ad-free platform’ use it as a tool for making money for placing advertisements in their groups,” one of the members of such a group said.

An admin claimed that his group has 15,000 members in his Taluk area and also offered flexible rate for selling space for local business men to reach out to the local customers during festive season.

“The group admins are fixing their own tariff for placing advertisements. The WhatsApp has no control over such admins. The income from it also does not come under the IT scanner. The alleged misuse of this social media platform is happening mainly because the common people do not know the policies of WhatsApp on such matters,” he added.


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