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Why Astrology Apps Are Rising

February 21
12:17 2020

By Haley Velasco

ASTROLOGY TAKES ‘DESTINY’ and gives ardent believers something to attribute it to—or to blame it on. Didn’t get that promotion you obviously deserved? At war with a partner? Mercury must be retrograde.

Now, rather than sitting for a reading or waiting for a magazine, finding your horoscope is as simple as downloading an app—and the ease and thoroughness of zodiac apps is attracting a curious, if skeptical, set of new users.

One of the most popular is Co-Star, which according to the brand has been downloaded by 15% of American woman age 20 to 24, and counts 7.5 million registered users as of January. You enter your birth date, time and location and the app calculates your specific birth chart, shedding light on your passions and predilections. Co-Star also shoots you a daily insight, and gives you guidance in the zones of Self, Spirituality, Social Life and Work. You can even connect with contacts in the Co-Star community to share and compare readings. (free,

“My boyfriend showed me a picture of him as a baby that had his birth time. I just plugged it into Co-Star and showed him how compatible we are,” said Katie Burke, an Aries who checks the app daily. So far, at least, their stars have aligned.

Sanctuary, newer to the astrology app market, has an A.I.-driven interface you interact with as if texting with a friend: The bot sends daily notifications and you can respond in a chat window to gain insights about everything from its predictions to your “power emoji,” ranging from a moon to high heel. Its $20-a-month upgrade includes an option to message with Sanctuary’s human astrologers. (

Meanwhile, creators of the Pattern app consider it a social network for understanding yourself and others. Daily notifications lead users to “Go Deeper,” delving into fears and anxieties, instincts or relationships. (Free, “It doesn’t really influence my actions but it creates a sense of order,” Ms. Burke said of the apps. “It’s a more digestible narrative to my life.”

Many who are more serious about astrology are unconvinced. Liz Tillman, an HBO associate marketing manager who grew up around shamans and a great aunt who saw ghosts, and who believes her failed romances can be chalked up to her fate as a Taurus, doesn’t suggest astrology apps. She believes they lack connection to the robust history and mystery of astrology.

“These apps are making an algorithm out of astrology which has developed over thousands of years,” Ms. Tillman said. “Astrology, much like religion, gives people a framework for understanding the world around them.” That’s precisely what you’d expect a Taurus to say.

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