WKD: Amit Verma’s return guarantees drama & twists

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New Delhi, Oct 6 : With its light-hearted yet relatable portrayal of commoner’s life and amusing plot twists, renowned slice of life, ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’, is a definite crowd pleaser.

The show also garners nationwide appreciation for its outstanding way of shedding light on social issues.

Harshad’s NRI cousin, Nick (Amit Verma), has returned to India from the United States for a business conference. Rajesh and his boss Kiara have also been invited to this conference, but things are about to go downhill. Kiara and Nick had met when they were both set up for a potential marriage arrangement. Their meeting did not go as their families had planned and they both despised each other ever since.

Now, Rajesh foreseeing this problem doesn’t inform Kiara that Nick will be the keynote speaker at the conference. As the two enemies reunite, disaster strikes, and Rajesh is caught in the crossfire.

How will Rajesh solve this debacle? Will Nick and Kiara ever get over their animosity?

Amit who plays Nick in the show commented, “I’m thrilled to be back on Wagle Ki Duniya! I have always enjoyed working with the cast and surely will continue enjoying my new track. Nick and Kiara had an unfortunate first impression of each other turning things sour between them. It’s funny because this happens all the time when people are set up on dates without considering whether their personalities are compatible. Keep watching the show to see if these two enemies can work out their differences, which will undoubtedly be exciting to watch.”

‘Wagle ki Duniya’ airs Monday to Saturday at 9 pm, on Sony SAB.


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