Worldwide ISKCON devotees to pray for a pandemic free and Auspicious New Year for humanity

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Mayapur, Dec 30 : Devotees from all over the world will perform congregational prayers for the race of mankind and enter the New Year most spiritually and auspiciously under the guidance of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

Auspiciouness is the most sought-after element of human society today given the fact that we are compelled to carry a large baggage of the pandemic. Though the beginning of the end is in sight now. What better way to repose our faith into Spirituality than dedicating our time, energy and emotions in chanting the names of The Lord, while saying good bye to the year which we all would perhaps like to erase from the book of our life.

Scriptures say problem may be material but solution is always spiritual. With the sickening negativity all around there’s a dire need of spiritual rejuvenation in order to regain balance of mind, body and soul .

To achieve this target, the World headquarter of ISKCON is conducting a very special program on the eve of New year on December 31.

“We hereby, invite the world wide community of devotees and generous humanitarians to do their bit for the human race. Devotees from more than 80 countires are expected to participate,Media Communications of ISKCON Mayapur Subroto Das on Wednesday said.

Across the world scriptures proclaim that the potency of the Holy Name of The Lord is an unmatchable weapon to overpower any adversity that humanity may face.

Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu says that each and every name of Lord Hari is as powerful as the Lord Himself. So if one actually chants the holy name of God, the mercy of the Lord will be showered.

Congregational chanting and prayer will be performed using an innovative software where the words would sequentially pop up on the screen so as to facilitate easy and focussed chanting of the Harinam Mahamantra.

The software also facilitates with automatic counting and after every 108 mahamantra it gives a notification to restart all over. This way everyone and any one can participate. The proceedings will start at 7.30pm IST on zoom. And all the social media platforms such as,, the dedicated face book page and You tube channel will telecast the event live.


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