Yogi : Redress complaints in time-bound manner

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Gorakhpur, Mar 13 : Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday directed the administration and police officers present during Janata Darshan to ensure time-bound, fair and satisfactory redressal of complaints of the people.

The CM heard the complaints of around 400 people during the Janata Darshan held outside Digvijaynath Smriti Bhawan at Gorakhnath temple. He listened patiently to the diverse complaints of the visitors one by one while collecting their prayer letters from them at the same time and referring them to the relevant officers for its prompt and satisfactory disposal.

Assuring the visitors of all help from the government, he said, “Don’t worry at all, I am with you. Everyone’s problem will be looked into and resolved.”

Yogi also directed officials present to ensure provision of the benefits of the government’s welfare schemes to all the eligible persons. On complaints related to crime, he directed the police officers to take strict action against the criminals.

To those seeking financial help for treatment of serious diseases, the CM said lack of funds will not hinder their treatment and directed the administration to expedite estimation of the cost of their treatment and make it available to the government so that funds could be released for the same immediately.

Prior to meeting people at Janata Darshan, CM Yogi offered prayers to Guru Gorakhnath and also bowed down at the tomb of his Guru Brahmalin Mahant Avaidyanath to show his reverence.


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