‘You are compounding the offence’, RS Chair Naidu warns opposition, adjourns House till 12 noon

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New Delhi, Dec 8 : The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday saw uproarious scenes soon after it met in the morning, with Opposition members shouting slogans and holding posters demanding revocation of the suspension of the 12 MPs. Amid the din Chairperson Venkaiah Naidu adjourned the House till 12 noon.

As opposition members kept up the noisy protests, and approached the well of the House during Zero Hour, Chairperson Naidu said: “Members do not want the House to run. I have to take action or adjourn,” and announced adjournment till 12 noon.

He told the Opposition that the action to suspend the 12 members was taken by the House and not by the Chair.

“This action was taken by the House. I have suggested that the Leader of the House and other members sit and discuss among themselves and see that the House is allowed to function in ordinary manner. You are trying to force me for action I have not taken. The action was taken because mikes were broken, because files were torn, because members stood on the table, because entry to the Chair was broken, and Marshalls were attacked,” he said.

Earlier, the Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge got up to request again that the suspension of the 12 members be revoked, and termed it an undemocratic action.

To this, the Chair said: “Disobeying the Chair is undemocratic. Everyday you cannot do this; this is not the way. You are compounding the offence,” he warned.

“For the past 10 days you are not allowing the House to work, not allowing members to speak.”

He did not allow to go on record the slogan shouting, or the actions of the Opposition, some of who were bringing their posters close to those members who were speaking during Zero Hour so that cameras would capture it. However, the camera persons would quickly switch the cameras.

“This will not go on record. You cannot force me,” he said.

“Let them realise what they have done. You are depriving the others of an opportunity to speak. You are defending the undefendable,” Chair Naidu said.


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