ZEE5 Announces Launch of Spiritual Channel and Premiere of “Sai Vibhuti”

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Mumbai, Aug 2 : ZEE5, the leading streaming platform, embarks on a spiritual journey with “Sai Vibhuti,” a captivating five-episode animated series inspired by the globally acclaimed book of the same name, written by the esteemed spiritual mentor, author, singer, film producer, and actor, Aushim Khetarpal.

“Sai Vibhuti” delves into the profound significance of Sai Vibhuti, the sacred ash associated with the revered saint, Sai Baba. Bestowed upon devotees as a form of spiritual grace and healing, Sai Vibhuti is believed to possess divine properties that continue to inspire and comfort followers long after Sai Baba’s physical departure. The series magnificently showcases the wonders and importance of this sacred ash that has touched the hearts of millions worldwide.

Aushim Khetarpal is an extraordinary talent with diverse accomplishments in the entertainment industry. Besides being a celebrated spiritual mentor and author, he is also a gifted singer, film producer, and actor. With an impressive repertoire of producing television and web series and authoring multiple-language spiritual and socially impactful books, Aushim’s creative contributions have left an indelible mark on a global scale.

“Sai Vibhuti,” the animated series inspired by Aushim Khetarpal’s book, brings to life the essence of Sai Baba’s teachings and the miraculous nature of Sai Vibhuti. Rooted in ancient traditions, the series masterfully explores the timeless wisdom and relevance of Vibhuti in the context of modern times.

Sai Baba’s teachings have transcended boundaries, touching the lives of devotees from diverse social and economic backgrounds across the globe.Vibhuti, a unique and valuable gift from Sadguru Sai, carries profound significance for the whole world. Originating from a sacred fire lit by Sai 160 years ago, Vibhuti continues to offer welfare to millions of people each day. Its qualities not only address physical ailments but also inspire a sense of impermanence and guide individuals towards spirituality. When Aushim Khetarpal received Sai’s public welfare Vibhuti,

he was inspired to share its exceptional virtues with the world, embarking on a journey to spread its wisdom far and wide.Sai Vibhuti’s significance is profound for Sai Baba’s followers, and the animated series aims to deepen the understanding and reverence for this sacred ash that continues to inspire millions.

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