Amyra Dastur aspires to be pan-India star

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New Delhi, July 30 : Amyra Dastur, who has established herself in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films, is prepared to enter the Punjabi film business with ‘Furteela’.

Amyra will be seen alongside Jassie Gill, in the Amar Hundal directorial. She has taken another step towards her aim of becoming a pan-India star with this much anticipated movie.

Amyra believes that this exchange of talent is also breaking down stereotypes. “This conveys the message that we should not stereotype people from particular cultures.

“For example, Samantha Prabhu is set to break into the Hindi film industry. It is a significant step forward because we are becoming more accepting of people from various backgrounds,” Amyra said in a statement on Saturday.

“I aspire to become a pan-India star, which is the whole point of the attraction. We have had this whole regional thing going on for so long, but now, especially in this industry. People are open to making a wide variety of films,” she said.

She quotes the popularity of films like ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF’, saying, “This proves that it does not depend on the location or the language of a film; If it is a fantastic film, everyone will see it.”

This blurring of lines, she believes, also helps actors broaden their horizons.

“It opens up a lot of opportunities for us (2021). There is a lot of work to be done. People are now willing to collaborate with someone from outside the region, such as myself, who does not speak Punjabi but is working on a Punjabi film,” said Amyra.

When asked about her Punjabi project, the 29-year-old actress remained tight-lipped, only revealing that it is a “coming of age story”.

“I love to do something that is about people my age and shows the problems that youth face today. I’m having a great time filming the project. People have exclaimed, ‘Ohh, are you a Punjabi?’ as I learned my lines quickly,” she added.


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