Congress was planning to overturn SC verdict on Ram Mandir, PM Modi says in Maha rally

Beed (Maharashtra), May 7 : Criticising the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the grand old party had plans to overturn the 2019 Supreme Court verdict on Ram Mandir if they came to power at the Centre.

“An old-time Congress leader (who was in Congress for 20-25 years), and who left the party some time ago, has made a sensational revelation. He said that when the Supreme Court decision (in 2019) came in favour of Ram temple, the Prince (referring to Rahul Gandhi) had called a meeting of ‘special people’. The Prince had said that if the Congress government comes to power, the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram temple will be overturned,” PM Modi said at a rally here to garner support for the BJP nominee from the Beed Lok Sabha constituency, Pankaja Munde.

“Another leader of the INDIA bloc said that Ram Mandir is useless. While they cannot dare to speak in such a language for any other religion even in their dreams, for the sake of vote bank they are repeatedly insulting Lord Shri Ram and Ram devotees,” PM Modi added.

Slamming the Congress, PM Modi is now openly playing the game of appeasement and vote bank.

“Maharashtra Congress is giving clean chit to the terrorists of the 26/11 attacks. Apparently, the Congress has a close connection with Ajmal Kasab and the other 10 terrorists from Pakistan,” PM Modi said.

Stepping up his attack against the INDIA bloc, PM Modi said its only agenda is to run ‘Mission Cancel’ if they come to power.

“If voted to power, they will reinstate Article 370 which was abolished by Modi and cancel the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the law that bans triple talaq,” PM Modi said while addressing the rally.

Reacting to statements by a few INDIA bloc leaders on providing reservations to Muslims, PM Modi said: “B.R. Ambedkar had given the right to reservations to Dalits, backward classes and tribals. Baba Saheb had also strongly opposed the fact that reservations cannot be given on the basis of religion in India. But the Congress wants to snatch the reservation of Dalits, backward classes and tribals and give it in the name of religion.”

“I guarantee you that as long as Modi is alive, no power in the world can take away the reservation of Dalits, tribals and backward classes,” PM Modi said amid sloganeering by the party workers.

“In Karnataka, the OBC has 27 per cent reservation. The Congress-led government there issued an order declaring all Muslims OBC in Karnataka overnight. As a result, they took away what the OBCs were entitled to as per the Constitution. Would you approve of this act of Congress?” questioned PM Modi.

PM Modi further said that now they want to apply this to the entire country.

“The Congress has a track record of obstructing work instead of facilitating it. A prime example of this was their treatment of the bullet train project proposed to connect Gujarat and Maharashtra. Initially, they ridiculed the project and later opposed it, halting progress until they were in power,” said PM Modi.

“Wherever the Congress has come, it has crushed dreams. Maharashtra itself is a victim of this. The INDI-Aghadi (INDIA bloc) never paid attention to the problem of drought here. They only cut ribbons and indulged in corruption,” PM Modi said.

“Modi is on a mission to develop India. Today I have come to ask something from you for this resolution. I want your blessings. You are my legacy. Your future generations are my legacy. I have set out to make your future better. You all are my family – my India, my family,” the Prime Minister added.

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