Delhi HC orders NBCC to refund homebuyer over Rs 76 lakh with interest

New Delhi : The Delhi High Court has ordered the National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC) to refund a sum exceeding Rs 76 lakh to a homebuyer due to the non-delivery of a flat initially purchased in 2017.

Justice Subramonium Prasad, overseeing the case, stressed the significant emotional and financial impact on the buyer, directing the repayment of the full amount with an interest rate of 12 per cent from January 30, 2021, to the present.

The decision comes after the homebuyer faced over six years of delay and uncertainty, leading to considerable distress.

The court’s judgment notes the severe trust breach and the substantial emotional toll inflicted on the buyer, who awaited the possession of a home involving life savings.

NBCC had contended that the litigant had sought similar reliefs through multiple forums, a claim that Justice Prasad rebuffed by citing the plaintiff’s desperation for a resolution.

The court criticised NBCC, a state entity, for its handling of the matter, stating that their actions necessitated a stringent response. In addition to the refund, the court has awarded Rs 5 lakh in compensation to the litigant for the hardships endured.

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