Dua Lipa looks back at the time when she had her eureka moment

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Los Angeles, March 19 : Singer-songwriter Dua Lipa, who recently released her album ‘Radical Optimism’, has spoken up on her eureka moment.

The singer shared that it was a song called ‘Illusion’, where she felt that lyrically she got the radical optimism, reports ‘Variety’.

Dua spoke with ‘Variety’ in an interview and shared that she felt very strong in the moment when she was writing that song.

The singer said: “I felt in a stronger power of position, because I was like maybe before, I would have fallen for something like this and now I can dance with the illusion, and it’s something for me too, you know? I think musically also, when Kevin and Danny came together and it was the live drums and the synths and the big music breakdown, in my head the big dance moment, when all those came together it was just a feeling.”

Dua further mentioned, quoted by ‘Variety’, “I had a feeling and I was like, now I have something to bounce off of.

And in that first week, even though they’re in the same world but they’re very different, I wrote ‘Illusion’ and then I wrote ‘Happy for You’ and ‘Happy for You’ is a much bigger ballad, in a way. Somewhat. I wouldn’t really classify it as a ballad.

Because I don’t do songs that are slow and big and emotional, but I just put them in the ballad section, I’m like, I don’t do those.”

“But this feels almost in a world where I can really have this epic singing record that I was able to be very vulnerable and open in. But still sonically, it has this tremolo sound that I’m really obsessed with and it’s Kevin’s voice replicated. We use it as a sample throughout.

That was just a moment for me to be really vulnerable and open and honest in what was happening in my life at that point. But I feel overall, in this whole record, I just grew as I was writing,” she added.

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