How trendsetter PM Modi became the creator of ‘New Bharat’

New Delhi, March 8 : The Indian creators and influencers’ community on Friday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi with rousing applause, calling him the creator of ‘New Bharat’ and the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ (G.O.A.T.) at the National Creators’ Awards held at the Bharat Mandapam here.

“Be thankful guys that he is not a content creator, because if he was, everyone’s shops would have been closed. When he creates reels, they go viral. When he tweets, it becomes a trend. Whenever he goes on a radio show, it becomes the world’s number one radio show,” Raj Shamani, a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, said while welcoming PM Modi to the stage.

“He is the influencer of the influencers, the G.O.A.T. who is making the Indian dream possible for millions of Indians, the creator of New Bharat, PM Narendra Modi,” he added.

Addressing the first National Creators Award, PM Modi told the award winners that they have creative power that could serve as a catalysing agent to accelerate the progress of the country by increasing awareness about the ‘New India’ that people want to know about.

The Prime Minister also urged the content creators to become the brand ambassadors of India and promote the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign.

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