PM Modi chairs Cabinet meeting, seeks ‘100-day action plan’ of new govt

New Delhi, March 17 : A day after the Election Commission announced the schedule for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday chaired a Cabinet meeting during which he directed his Ministers to prepare an action plan for the next 100 days of the new government as well as a roadmap for the next five years.

In the meeting, PM Modi said that the government led by him would be coming back to power again, and hence, the development work should continue.

He said that after the formation of the government, a roadmap/ blueprint should also be prepared for better implementation of the agenda of the first 100 days, and the next five years.

During the meeting, PM Modi also asked his Ministers to outline key initiatives and deliverables for the next 100 days along with a comprehensive five-year roadmap.

These documents, focusing on the priorities and strategies of the government, are to be submitted to the Cabinet Secretariat.

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