Rahul Gandhi’s fresh pitch for ‘wealth redistribution’ stirs controversy, video circulates

New Delhi, May 4 : While the Congress has repeatedly denied any ‘wealth redistribution’ promise in its election manifesto for 2024 Lok Sabha polls, a fresh pitch for the same by party leader Rahul Gandhi has stirred a fresh controversy.

A video of Rahul Gandhi is circulating on social media, where he is heard saying that the Caste census will not only establish the caste break-up of the country’s population but also give a fair idea about their economic status. And, when this is established, it will lead to calls for re-organisation of wealth, as per their demography.

The location and timing of Rahul Gandhi’s video is not stated but this has found widespread circulation on social media and also evoked many responses from the netizens.

The veracity of the undated video is yet to be ascertained but this is bound to embarrass the party and make it difficult to defend his reasoning.

Many are questioning if the Congress doesn’t talk about wealth redistribution in its poll manifesto, then why Rahul Gandhi is pushing for the same again and again.

Many also objected to his theory and took potshots for suggesting such a shake-up in an economy on uptrend.

In the viral video, Rahul Gandhi is heard saying: “Caste census will establish which caste of the population has access to how much nation’s wealth. How much farmers hold, how much resources women hold? After this, a new politics will begin. The status quo won’t remain the same. People who represent 50 per cent of population will demand equal share in the nation’s resources.

“Our thinking is that this will not only be caste census but will also an economic survey,” he further says in video.

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