Biden issues executive order to protect US sensitive personal data

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Washington, Feb 28 : US President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Wednesday to protect the sensitive personal data of people in the United States from misuse by foreign countries of concern, the White House said in a fact sheet. “The Executive Order, which marks the most significant executive action any President has ever taken to protect Americans’ data security, authorizes the Attorney General to prevent the large-scale transfer of Americans’ personal data to countries of concern and provides safeguards around other activities that can give those countries access to Americans’ sensitive data,” the White House said. The order focuses on sensitive information, including genomic, biometric, geolocation and financial data, the White House said. The order directs the US Justice Department to issue regulations with clear protections for US sensitive personal data from access and exploitation by countries of concern, the White House said. The Justice Department will also establish regulations to protect sensitive government-related data, including geolocation information on sensitive government sites and information about military service members, the White House said. The Biden administration will continue engagement with technology companies and other stakeholders to balance privacy, safety, competition, labor and human rights objectives, the White House said. Moreover, Biden urges the US Congress to pass comprehensive privacy legislation, particularly to protect the safety of children, the White House said.

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