BJP govt banning export of crops to favour capitalist friends: Kharge

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New Delhi, Mar 4 : Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday accused the BJP government of banning the export of crops produced by the farmers of the country only to favour a select group of industrialist friends. On his social media handle X, Kharge said, “When the farmers who provide food to the country want to produce a bumper crop and export it, the Modi government bans the export of wheat, rice, sugar, onions, pulses, etc. The result is that agricultural exports, which increased by 153pc during Congress-UPA rule, have gone up by just 64pc during BJP rule.” The Rajya Sabha MP alleged that throughout its tenure, the BJP has practiced the policy of sacrificing the interests of farmers. Kharge further said that the Modi government’s “MSP and doubling the income of farmers” turned out to be fake. He also termed the BJP government anti-farmer, which has left no stone unturned to break the backs of 64 crore farmers in the country.

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