BJP worker hacked to death in K’taka, family suspects ‘supari’ killing

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Bengaluru, March 1 : A BJP worker was hacked to death in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi district, said police on Friday.

The family has suspected it to be a case of ‘supari’ (contract) killing. The deceased, identified as Girish Chakra, was the right-hand man of BJP MP Dr. Umesh Jadhav from Kalaburagi. The incident occurred in the Saganura village near Afzalpur taluk.

According to the police, Girish was killed after being invited to a felicitation party by friends at a farm late Thursday night. He had recently been appointed as the Director of the BSNL Advisory Committee by MP Umesh Jadhav.

The assailants threw chili powder into his eyes before hacking him to death. Local authorities suspect the involvement of a gang in the murder.

The Gangapura police have registered the case and initiated a hunt for the accused.

Sadashiva Chakra, the victim’s brother, said, “The murder occurred due to the inability to tolerate Girish’s progress in politics. Some of our community leaders are involved. Enemies must have hired contract killers to eliminate him.”

“The killers felicitated my brother before brutally murdering him. I will reveal the names of those who contracted the killers to the police,” he added.

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