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Close shave for Vande Bharat passengers in Patna

Patna, March 5 : Passengers of the Kolkata-bound Vande Bharat Express had a close shave as fire broke out near the adjoining track after a tree fell on the overhead electric wires in Patna city area on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred near the Gulzarbagh railway station, which is just 10 km away from Patna Junction railway station.

As per eyewitnesses, a palm tree fell on the overhead electric wire on the other side of the track, causing the fire. At that time, there was no train on that track.

This incident led to chaos among the passengers on the Vande Bharat, which just reached there a few minutes ago, and had stopped due to a red signal. Seeing the fire, many passengers de-boarded the train to save themselves. However, as the situation normalised, they got back on the train.

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