Judges should be unaffected by criticisms and social media commentary: CJI Chandrachud

New Delhi, March 2 : Stating that there has been a noticeable increase in judges facing criticisms and commentary on social media platforms, Chief Justice of India (CJI), D.Y. Chandrachud, said on Saturday that judges should not be affected by external pressures or public opinions during dispensation of justice.

“Even if I say just a single word on the bench, it seems to get reported faster than a speeding bullet. But, should we, as judges, be unduly affected by this? The role of a judge is to dispense justice impartially, without being swayed by external pressures or public opinions,” CJI Chandrachud said.

Delivering the inaugural address at the All India District Judges Conference, the CJI said that technology is the best tool to eliminate the inefficiency and opacity surrounding the judicial process.

The Chief Justice added that addressing the backlog and pendency of cases requires a multi-faceted approach encompassing systemic reforms, procedural enhancements, and the deployment of technological solutions.

CJI Chandrachud said: “Just as sunshine is said to be the best disinfectant, I believe that technology is the best tool at our disposal to eliminate the inefficiency and opacity surrounding judicial processes.”

He also said the district judiciary forms the backbone of “our legal system and assumes an indispensable role within the legal framework of our society”.

“The district judiciary serves as the primary interface between the justice system and the local communities it serves. However, the district judiciary needs to constantly reflect and evolve its working, so that the faith of citizens is maintained,” he said.

Stressing on developing adequate infrastructure for the district judiciary, the Chief Justice said that shortage of courthouses, courtrooms and administrative offices leads to overcrowded courtrooms, insufficient space for legal proceedings, and delays in case hearings.

“At the Supreme Court, we can only create schemes and policies. But it is your (district judiciary) push, along with the administration, that changes the ground reality,” CJI Chandrachud said.

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