Adani Total Gas kicks off production at Barsana Biogas Plant towards green future

Ahmedabad, March 31 : In a bid to create a sustainable and green future, Adani TotalEnergies Biomass Limited (ATBL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adani Total Gas Limited (ATGL), on Sunday said it has commissioned operations at phase 1 of its Barsana Biogas Plant, located at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

This plant will be India’s largest agri waste-based bio-CNG plant after reaching full design capacity at phase 3.

The project cost for all three project phases for the Barsana Biogas plant would be in excess of Rs 200 crore, according to the company.

Upon stabilisation of phase 1, it will process 225 tonnes per day (TPD) of agriculture waste and cattle dung and generate 10 TPD of CBG (compressed biogas).

“The Barsana Biogas Plant represents our Chairman Gautam Adani’s commitment to fully leverage renewable resources to create a cleaner, more sustainable world for our future generations,” said Suresh P. Manglani, ED and CEO, ATGL.

In addition to producing CBG, the plant yields high-quality organic fertiliser, contributing to circular economy principles and agricultural sustainability.

“The setting up and initiation of CBG production fully aligns with our promoters’ – Adani Group and TotalEnergies – broader sustainability goals and by investing in renewable energy like CBG. Adani Group and TotalEnergies aim to play a pivotal role in the global transition to a low-carbon economy,” Manglani said.

The plant is located on the premises of Shri Mataji Gaushala. The Barsana Biogas Project has three project phases and would attain the overall capacity of 600 TPD of feedstock, generating over 42 TPD of CBG and 217 TPD of organic fertiliser upon full commissioning.

By utilising advanced anaerobic digestion technology, the plant converts organic materials into renewable biogas, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, besides aiding the nation’s fuel security and emission reduction goals, said the company.

ATGL is authorised in 52 Geographical Areas (GAs). Of the 52 GAs, 33 are owned by ATGL and the balance 19 GAs are owned by Indian Oil-Adani Gas Private Limited (IOAGPL) – a 50:50 joint venture between ATGL and Indian Oil.

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