One hundred percent I think I can make national comeback, says Karun Nair

Mumbai, March 13 : After a one-season hiatus from domestic cricket, Vidarbha batter Karun Nair has made a resounding return, showcasing his talent and resilience on the field. Nair’s journey back to the pitch was marked by challenges and uncertainties, as he candidly admitted to the difficulty of watching from the sidelines while others played.

Nair, who came out to bat in the 20th over on day four of the Ranji final against Vidarbha, built his inning riding on patience, resolute defense, and occasional aggression, as he anchored Vidarbha’s resistance. Despite surviving a few close calls, Nair held his ground, frustrating the Mumbai bowlers with his solid technique. His eventual dismissal, though, provided a glimmer of hope for Mumbai.

Seven overs into the second new ball, Musheer eventually got him out when he got one to zip over and kiss Nair’s outside edge on its way to the wicketkeeper. Nair played 240 balls and only hit three fours in his innings of 74 as visitors ended the day on 248 for 5, still 290 runs away from the 538 target

Reflecting on his performance, Nair expressed satisfaction with his batting displays, acknowledging the confidence boost gained from successful outings in the County Championship before joining Vidarbha.

“I think I have batted pretty well. I have got runs in all formats. I could have gone better in all formats but having said that, at least this season I have got quite a few runs starting from playing a few games in the County Championship,” Nair told the media post day 4 end.

“I started getting runs there and that gave me a lot of confidence. If I could score runs at The Oval, score a 150 when the conditions are much tougher to play, that gave me a lot of confidence to start the season before I came over here,” he said.

“I didn’t play for a year so that was quite hard. I don’t know what to say but it was obviously hard to sit at home and watch others play,” Nair added.

Despite facing setbacks and doubts during his time away from the game, Nair remains steadfast in his belief of a potential comeback to the Indian national team. With a firm resolve and a commitment to consistency, he continues to strive for excellence, driven by the desire to represent his country once again.

“(One) hundred per cent I think I can come back. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be giving my all to play domestic cricket. (One) hundred per cent I feel I can play for India again. It’s just about putting up the performances and keeping the consistency,” he said.

In the midst of the Ranji Trophy final against Mumbai, Nair’s gritty innings of 220 balls 74 exemplified his determination and focus. As Vidarbha faced a daunting target of 528 runs, Nair remained pragmatic yet optimistic, highlighting his team’s unwavering spirit and resilience on the field.

Acknowledging the challenging task ahead, Nair emphasized the unpredictable nature of cricket while lauding his team’s never-say-die attitude. Despite the odds, he remained focused on the task at hand, emphasizing the importance of patience and determination in the face of adversity.

“We need to be realistic – it’s a tough task. But if I can say something about this team, it’s that they never give up and they show character at each time that they are put down,” he said. ”But it’s cricket, you never know what can happen. I would have loved to have been batting overnight and then could have given you a better answer if I was batting,” said Nair, who was dismissed late in the day.

Nair’s approach to batting mirrored his team’s strategy, opting for steady accumulation over reckless aggression. With a keen understanding of the game situation, he displayed maturity and composure, prioritizing stability and longevity at the crease.

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