Opposition INDIA bloc working on ‘one year, one PM’ formula: PM Modi

Betul (Madhya Pradesh), April 24 : Urging people to be cautious of Congress’ ‘agenda’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that the opposition INDIA bloc is busy strategising a ‘one year, one PM’ formula over who will become the country’s next Prime Minister.

Addressing a public gathering in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul, PM Modi said he has been told that discussions are going on in the “highest echelons” of the opposition alliance on devising such a formula which would mean having five Prime Ministers in as many years.

“Today, when the country is working towards its 25-year goals, planning the roadmap for the next five years, work is underway on the decisions of the first 100 days after coming to power, the INDI Alliance partners are also discussing their strategy,” PM Modi told the gathering.

“Some media reports suggest that the coalition partners are discussing who will become the Prime Minister after their victory. It is said that these people are now thinking about the ‘one year, one PM formula’. Their intention now is to wrestle for the PM’s chair. One will sit on top, while four people will pull the chair’s legs together,” he added, saying that such a formula will be rejected by the voters.

The Prime Minister also warned against Congress’ approach towards ‘inheritance tax’, saying that the party hates the very identity of India.

“Congress also wants to impose inheritance tax on the property you want to leave for your children. Congress has cut so much from India’s social values, the sentiments of the Indian society,” he said.

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