PM Modi slams INDIA bloc for ‘disrespecting’ Sanatan Dharma, Lord Ram

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Amroha (UP), April 19 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday mounted a blistering attack on members of the INDIA bloc for “mocking” Sanatan Dharma and “disrespecting” Ram temple.

He said that these people turned down the invite for the opening of the Ram temple.

“Yeh log (Congress and SP) un Musalmano se bhi gaye guzre hai. Kam se kam wo Masjid ke liye ladte rahe. Kam se Kam wo masjid ke liye ladte rahe Supreme Court mein harne tak, lekin ye log mandir se door bhag rahe they. (These people are worse than Muslims who continued to fight for the mosque in the Supreme Court till they lost the case. But these people are running away from the temple.)”

He appreciated the fact that one of the Babri plaintiffs had attended the opening of the Ram temple even though he fought against it.

The Prime Minister also slammed the opposition for criticising his visit to underwater Dwarka.

“It has already been proved by archaeologists that the main Dwarka is below the sea. I went there and paid my respects to Lord Krishna by placing a peacock feather there. The Congress prince (Rahul Gandhi) says that there is nothing worth worshiping below the sea. He is denying the existence of underwater Dwarka,” he said.

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