US, its western allies trying to prevent collapse of Ukrainian army

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Washington, Feb 19 : The United States and its Western allies are trying to prevent the collapse of the Ukrainian armed forces as Kiev loses territory and runs out of ammunition, the Politico newspaper reported on Sunday, citing US lawmakers and foreign officials.

The report noted that at the last security conference in Munich, US lawmakers from both parties assured ally after ally that the House of Representatives would approve a supplemental aid package for Kiev as soon as March.

At the same time, congressmen who continue to advocate for new arms supplies to Kiev fear that former US President Donald Trump could interfere with their plans to secure new funding, the report said. Confidence in what Ukraine can achieve on the battlefield, as well as in US President Joe Biden, is at its lowest level in the last two years, the report added.

In addition, a member of the Ukrainian parliament said Kiev is concerned about the lack of leadership shown by Washington in allocating Ukraine more funds and sending more ammunition, including long-range missiles, the report read.

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