Weekly Horoscope : Astro Zindagi (March 25-31)

New Delhi, March 24 : Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for March 25-31.


This week is about strengthening relationships and finding balance in them. Take the chance to get the best out of the situation and find a way to live peacefully with others. You could be surprised that working with other people helps you get new ideas and perspectives that can help you move forward professionally. As a leader, you should try to find ways to demonstrate your leadership skills and be ready to learn from others. If you are single, this could be the best time to meet someone interesting at a social gathering or among your friends. This is a good time to concentrate on your studies and watch the ball as you approach your educational goals.

Tip of the week: Strengthen your relationships


This week is all about love and being patient and understanding. If you are in a relationship, put yourself in your partner’s shoes and try to understand his/her emotional world. The best way to keep peace at home is to use caution when you talk to your partner and be sympathetic. Singles should remain open to new experiences and possibilities in love. Understand this is not about finding a perfect person for you but rather about finding someone perfect. On the career front, get your work done on time. Be on the lookout for any chance to work with your colleagues, as teamwork will ensure success. Be open to the other perspectives and look for areas where you can agree.

Tip of the week: Talk cautiously


This week is filled with several chances to grow and have fun times. Harvest the energy of the planets to realise your true self, cultivate your relationships and create a harmonious environment in all spheres of your life. Now is the time to create unforgettable memories with your family while doing crafts or going on trips. This is the time to use it to propose new projects or initiatives that will present your talents and skills. On the other hand, don’t be too proud of yourself; overconfidence could cause conflicts or miscommunication with your coworkers. If you’re in a relationship, try to make your partnership’s enjoyable and unexpected aspects grow.

Tip of the week: Seek harmony in life


In the workplace, the stars inspire you to contribute positively by introducing a sense of warmth and creativity. The projects that you gravitate toward might be the ones that will allow you to demonstrate your caring side, like those that will benefit your colleagues or any community. This is the ideal period to concentrate on forging strong links with your colleagues, as teamwork will eventually make or break your success. If you are in a relationship, this is an opportune time to water your love with the quality time you spend together at home. You must remain close to your family, creating a positive atmosphere in your house.

Tip of the week: Be caring to others


This is the time for you to make acquaintances and establish contacts. How you will lead the team in communicating effectively will prove to be one of the most important skills in your arsenal, enabling you to make a good impression on your superiors and colleagues. Make the most of this opportunity to demonstrate your uniqueness and creativity, as you will likely attract everyone’s attention. This week, love invites you to say it as it is and say it out loud. If you are in a relationship, take advantage of having meaningful conversations with your partner. In the case of single Leos, their charisma and humour will be attractive to others. Therefore, meeting new people during this period is a good time.

Tip of the week: Meet new people


This is a good time to evaluate your financial goals and whether your current job is the right way to achieve them. You might be more driven to boost your earnings or may even find yourself more inclined to pursue a career in harmony with your ethical principles. This is a good moment to showcase your skills and abilities since they can bring you the attention of your superiors or even financial rewards. If you are seeking a new job, try to go for occupations which are not only financially stable but also in line with your values. If you’re single, you may have someone in mind who is like you or has financial goals similar to yours. If committed, steer clear of money-centered quarrels.

Tip of the week: Review your financial goals


It is now the moment to show what you can do and what your abilities are, as you will probably get the attention and credit you deserve for the effort you put in. Leave your comfort zone and embrace new challenges, as this could be a career-changing and growth-inducing opportunity. Regarding relationships, the stars will bring a much-needed rekindling of passion and romance. If you are in a stable relationship, this is a perfect time to try something new and make exciting memories with your partner. Be receptive and responsive, as there is a possibility that love is right there for singles. Clear all the misunderstandings or conflicts between the family members.

Tip of the week: Showcase your abilities


This is the time to concentrate on the things happening in the background. You could develop a profound inclination towards tasks that demand solitude or involve in-depth research and analysis. Trust your intuition because it might help you discover new ideas and creative ways. Be mindful of your dreams, which may reveal some answers to your career choice. This is also an ideal moment to raise your long-term goals and make any changes that may be needed. Now is the time to talk to your partner from the heart and exchange your thoughts and emotions. This could be the right opportunity to talk to close family members for counselling and advice.

Tip of the week: Discover new ideas


It is the perfect time for networking and relationship-building with your coworkers. Your ability to communicate and interact becomes prominent, as you can influence others and make them believe in your ideas. Make sure you keep an eye out for openings that can come from your social group or online networks because they might be the ones that will lead you to new career advancements. This week is a time for singles to make new acquaintances and broaden their social circle. Attend social events and group gatherings where you can meet with people who share your hobbies and interests. This is when family talks and planning for the future are pleasant.

Tip of the week: Make new acquaintances


This week, your career goes to the limelight. The stars open the way for promotion and acknowledgement. Your bosses and peers will appreciate your effort and commitment, and you’ll likely be commended and maybe even get a promotion. This is a golden opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills and take on new responsibilities. Stay determined and disciplined in your objectives, and you will reach your targeted goal. Don’t forget to invest in your relationship by having quality time with your partner and discussing your joint objectives. Singletons may desire a person in a position of authority or someone ambitious and successful. Keep the mind open and let love build organically.

Tip of the week: Take on new responsibilities


Reach for the stars and dare to dream big. You may be inclined to try out some opportunities that will enable you to develop new skills and knowledge. This is the best time for job seekers to take advantage of the opportunities by travelling abroad or working in fields related to travel, education, or spirituality. If you are already employed, this is a good opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism by taking up leading roles that will enable you to positively impact the lives of others. If you are single, you may find yourself drawn to someone unlike your usual type, and this someone could be from a different culture or background. This season is a good time for couples to take a romantic trip or try new things to strengthen their love bond.

Tip of the week: Dare to dream big


This week is a call for you to take on change and discover the unknown side of yourself. This week, Your professional life prompts you to accept the transformation and be brave enough to take risks. You could be pulled into unorthodox techniques at times or inspired by new projects that make you experience something new. Trust your gut and jump on the bandwagon of innovative ideas. If you are in a committed relationship, you can use this time to strengthen the bond by sharing your most intimate thoughts and emotions with your partner. Do not get into arguments and respect the other person’s feelings. Be patient and understanding in your conversations.

Tip of the week: Be brave enough to risk

(Neeraj Dhankher is an Astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is the Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his analysis)

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